System tools - KDPW_CCP

System tools

kdpw_stream provides superior availability, capacity, stability, security, and interoperability with other European and international financial institutions.

The core operations of KDPW and KDPW_CCP including the central securities depository, clearing and settlement are supported by the system kdpw_stream. Implemented in 2009 in partnership with market institutions, the system continues to be improved in-house similar to most IT solutions in the KDPW Group.
kdpw_stream processes approx. 100 thousand operations per day on average and has the capacity to process up to 2 million operations per day.

The name of kdpw_stream, which evokes associations with a stream of light, suggests fast flow of information transmitted by the system. It is also the acronym of: Safe, Transparent, Rapid, Effective, Advanced, Modern, which emphasises the advantages of the implemented system.

The innovative edge of kdpw_stream has been acknowledged by many awards. KDPW received an honourable mention in the 2009 IT Leader in Financial Institutions ranking published by Gazeta Bankowa, was also awarded by the association of IBM users COMMON Europe. KDPW Deputy President Sławomir Panasiuk was named the CIO of the Year 2009 by the CIO Magazine