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1. Fees for services offered by KDPW_CCP

KDPW_CCP does not charge any fees for intermediation; thus, reporting of derivative contracts by KDPW_CCP on behalf of a clearing member or its clients does not involve any extra costs to the clearing member other than the fees charged by KDPW (fee for reporting a trade to the repository and fee for maintaining contract data in the repository).

2. Fees for services provided by the KDPW Trade Repository (effective as of 1 January 2021):

Trade Repository Fees for derivatives - the abridged description
The table of fees is attached to the
Trade Repository Rules.

Pursuant to § 42a subpara. 3 of the Rules of Transaction Clearing (organised trading) and § 70 subpara. 3 of the Rules of Transaction Clearing (non-organised trading), where the reporting obligation is delegated to KDPW_CCP, the fees will be charged from clearing members by KDPW_CCP. A clearing member will receive a re-invoice from KDPW_CCP including relevant analytics necessary to identify the counterparty whose trades have been reported to and are maintained in KDPW_TR and the amount of fees charged.