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New service of KDPW_CCP: reporting of clients’ collateral posted by clients with Clearing Members

Pursuant to Article 5(5) of Commission Implementing Regulation No 1247/2012 of 19 December 2012, the reporting start date for collateral posted by clients is 180 days after RSD (trade reporting start date), i.e., 11 August 2014.

KDPW_CCP will report details of collateral posted by Clients based on XML messages sent to KDPW_CCP; the message format and structure are published in the tab IT Tools - organised trading under Planned modifications required by the obligation of reporting clients’ collateral deposited with clearing members.

Please be informed that you can contact KDPW_CCP staff:
- for reporting to KDPW_TR, contact KDPW_CCP Clearing Section by phone at 48 22 537 93 68, 48 22 537 94 79 or by e-mail at

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