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Get an LEI in KDPW

From 29 November 2013, identifiers under the LEI standard are available in an easy and quick procedure on the KDPW website. The identifier is required to report trade details to trade repositories.

The obligation of reporting details of derivative contracts concluded on the regulated market and in OTC trade takes effect as of 12 February 2014. According to the ESMA decision, an LEI is required to report to trade repositories.

An LEI is available on the KDPW website in a registration process. More information here: KDPW_LEI. ​

Every entity required to report trade details either directly or through an intermediary must have an LEI which identifies it as a counterparty. The KDPW Trade Repository requires an identifier under the LEI standard according to ISO_17442. Even before the start date of the reporting obligation (12 February 2014), the identifier will become a pre-LEI and subsequently an LEI.

On 19 August 2013, KDPW was assigned a prefix (2594) necessary to assign identifiers under the LEI standard. The KDPW prefix was requested by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (UKNF), which acts as a sponsoring authority in the process of the authorisation of KDPW for the assignment of identifiers. ​

  4 Steps to Getting an LEI Online:
  • Register and confirm an online account
  • Register an LEI application and place an order
  • Pay the fee
  • Get an LEI

For more information on LEIs, read our information leaflet.


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