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Delegating the reporting of repo trades to KDPW_TR to KDPW_CCP

In order to delegate the reporting of repo trades concluded on TBSP to the KDPW SFTR Trade Repository to KDPW_CCP, it is necessary to prepare and send to KDPW_CCP the following messages (where both are required for the account)::

  • acmt.rqc.001.03 [NKK instructions] populated with the LEI

  • acmt.rqa.002.02 [clearing account instructions] with the field = Y [which authorises the CCP to report trades]

Note: The sequence in which those messages are sent is of the essence. The authorisation to report trades will not be processed unless NKK details have been provided, in particular the LEI. In addition, it is necessary to provide KDPW_CCP with an application drafted according to template 23.

Reporting of repo trades via KDPW_CCP is not subject to any extra fees; fees charged for Clearing Member reports according to the KDPW SFTR price list will be reinvoiced.

The launch of repo reporting to KDPW_TR follows the launch of the KDPW_CCP clearing service for repos concluded on TBSP BondSpot.
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