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KDPW_CCP S.A. starts consultations on enriching the sese.sts.002.02 message with a face amount FaceAmt field with a nominal value, which will last until 30 September 2020. Any changes will be implemented on the 1 December 2020.

The message sese.sts.002.02 can be populated with both the quantity of securities (Unit) and the face amount (FaceAmt):
3.9 ReqdSttlmQty Quantity of financial instruments [1..1] FinancialInstrumentQuantity
3.9.1 Unit Units [0..1] Max11Int
3.9.2 FaceAmt Face amount [0..1] Amount

Currently, only the tag 3.9.1 Unit is to be populated by KDPW_CCP, i.e., the quantity of securities in the transaction is to be specified.
The minor modifications to messages could, on the one hand, facilitate your processing while, on the other hand, necessitating the alignment of clearing processes or IT systems.
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