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Operating activity of KDPW and KDPW_CCP on 12 November 2018

In connection with the plans to establish a bank holiday on 12 November 2018 pursuant to the Act of 24 October 2018 establishing the National Day on the Centenary of Regaining Independence by the Republic of Poland, and in view of Resolution No. 1104/2018 of the Warsaw Stock Exchange Management Board dated 31 October 2018 cancelling the exchange trading session and trading in the alternative trading system on 12 November 2018, please find details of the planned activity of the KDPW S.A. Group (CCP/ZW/753/2018).

If 12 November 2018 is a bank holiday, then the KDPW depository system will not process the settlement of transactions concluded in organised trading on that day and, consequently, the KDPW_CCP clearing system will process only the clearing of OTC transactions in PLN and EUR, as well as updates and payments of contributions to the OTC guarantee fund and margins.

NBP will operate SORBNET2 as well as settlement in TARGET2-NBP on 12 November 2018.

Resolution No. 38/2018 - Days without clearing session 2018
Resolution No. 39/2018 - Concerning the clearing of transactions made in non-organised trading in the Polish currency and in EUR on 12 November 2018.
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