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KDPW Group publishes ISO15022 and ISO20022 message documentation on the MyStandards platform operated by SWIFT

The KDPW Group has published the documentation of messages ISO15022 and ISO20022 used in communications with counterparties in the following areas:

- Corporate Actions (ISO20022),

- Settlement and Reconciliation (ISO15022),

- Clearing (ISO20022),

on the MyStandards platform as of March 2017.

The KDPW Group is a member of the ISO20022 Harmonisation Charter since September 2016. By joining the programme, the KDPW Group agreed to publish the documentation of messages on the MyStandards platform together with details of offered services and implementation plans, to implement the current message versions and to update them according to the global timeline.

Acceptance of the KDPW Group in the ISO20022 Harmonisation Charter confirms that KDPW and KDPW_CCP comply with the highest global standards and market practice in the settlement of securities, processing of corporate actions, and clearing.

How to use MyStandards?

Basic access to the MyStandards platform, which is managed and developed by SWIFT, is free of charge upon standard registration typical of online services.

The system is available at:

The KDPW Group homepage on the MyStandards platform is available at:

Access to the message documentation published by the KDPW Group requires registration with one of the Communities set up for KDPW and KDPW_CCP counterparties:

- KDPW_Corporate_Actions,

- KDPW_Settlement_And_Reconcilation_MT,

- KDPW_CCP_Clearing_MX.

The terms and conditions and the method of presentation of information on the MyStandards platform are defined in the system documentation available on the MyStandards website. They were also discussed at NMPG PL meetings.

The MyStandards platform has more than 20,000 registered users. The platform is used by around 100 institutions which publish documents and have issued more than 16,000 Usage Guidelines.

Please feel free to review and use the documentation published on the MyStandards platform.

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