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About OTC_clearing

In the OTC_clearing service which addresses the clearing obligation under the European regulations, KDPW_CCP acting as a central counterparty (CCP) offers:
  • Clearing of OTC derivatives and repos through novation;
    Novation means that KDPW_CCP assumes the rights and obligations arising from a trade accepted for clearing. Through this mechanism, KDPW_CCP becomes a counterparty directly legally responsible to participants who are clearing counterparties (the original trade expires). As a result, KDPW_CCP offers a superior level of trading security to participants, in line with international standards.

  • Acts as an intermediary in the settlement resulting from the clearing process;
  • Risk management according to the best market practice, including mainly full compliance with EMIR;
  • Collateral management; 
  • Reports cleared transactions to the trade repository KDPW_TR at no extra charge.