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XML messages for securities netting:

Clearing messages
  • acmt.rqa.002.02 – Clearing account instruction,
  • acmt.sta.002.02 – Clearing account instruction status,
  • camt.smt.001.03– Cash clearing balances,
  • secl.001.001.02 – Trade Leg Notification,
  • secl.002.001.02 – Trade Leg Notification Cancelation,
  • secl.003.001.02 – Trade Leg Statement,
  • secl.004.001.02 – Net Position Report,
  • secl.010.001.02 – Settlement Obligation Report,
  • sese.sts.002.02– Clearing instruction status,
  • semt.ssf.001.02 – Securities transfer report at transaction date.

Settlement messages
  • camt.smt.001.03 – Cash clearing balances,
  • semt.smt.001.04 - Settlement account statement,
  • sese.sts.001.05 - Settlement instruction status,
  • semt.nta.001.02- Status of component trades within a net instruction,
  • semt.nta.002.02 -Statement of settled component trades within a net instrucion.

Information on netting references used in KDPW_CCP messages

Detailed specification for securities netting in cash market clearing including message information

Declaration concerning distribution of message for clearing and settlement – Form No. 12

KDPW_CCP sends its participants information on the clearing instruction status both in the message sese.sts.002.02 and in ISO20022 messages (secl.001.001.02 and secl.002.001.02). Complete the attached declaration to make (or modify) your selection and receive one type of status messages.