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List of forms

Form No. 1 Application for conclusion of a participation agreement and granting the status of clearing member
Form No. 2 Application for conclusion of a participation agreement and granting the status of non-clearing member
Form No. 3 Declaration of an existing participant of KDPW_CCP concerning the applicability of submitted documents to participation in the OTC clearing system
Form No. 4  Specimen signatures card
Form No. 5a Declaration on Court jurisdiction 
Form No. 6  Participant information card
Form No. 7 Clearing member’s declaration concerning the date of starting activities / identifier in the settlement system / consent to have the account debited/ identifier on the otc platform
Form No. 8 Clearing member’s declaration of bank account number
Form No. 9 Declarations of clearing member using payment agent account and of payment agent
Form No. 10 Power of attorney for KDPW_CCP S.A. to close positions
Form No. 11 Power of attorney to submit orders in the OTC clearing system
Form No. 12 Declaration of the clearing member on reporting of derivatives to a trade repository
Form No. 13 Declarations of trading party represented by clearing member and of clearing member representing it in clearing
Form No. 14 Confirmation of balances of a participant
Form No. 14a Confirmation of the list of OTC transactions
Form No. 15a Confirmation of balances of credits and debits in respect of invoice
Form No. 16 Application for amendment of the agreement
Form No. 17 Application for termination of the agreement concerning participation
Form No. 18 Power of attorney for KDPW_CCP to receive and submit on behalf of the participant declarations of will on matters concerning the transfer within the transaction clearing liquidity guarantee system of positions arising from transactions concluded by an entity acting with the participation type of non-clearing member, represented by the participant in the clearing system, or concluded on the account of such entity, together with the collateral of such positions posted as maintenance margin, and to perform actions referred to in § 110a-§110c of the Rules in cases defined in the Rules
Form No. 19 Complaint
Form No. 20 Declaration authorising the use of electronic invoices
Form No. 21 Declaration indicating the Settlement Agent
Form No. 22 Declaration concerning the place of establishment or fixed establishment
Form No. 23 Declaration of the clearing member indicating the clearing accounts dedicated to the clearing of transactions with settlement (TZR) and the conversion of transactions with margin (TZD) into transactions with settlement (TZR) in such accounts
Form No. 24 Clearing member’s report on exposures to other CCPs
Form No. 25 Application for KDPW_CCP statement of compliance with the obligation of reporting to a trade repository
Form No. 26 Participant’s declaration providing the identifier (id) of the default account in the otc clearing system