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kdpw_otc messages – planned changes

To address the needs of KDPW_CCP participants and expand the scope of cleared instruments and their features, KDPW_CCP has developed a detailed timeline of implementation of modifications to the KDPW_OTC system including among others the following:
  1. implementation of the processing of amortising swaps;
  2. implementation of the processing of additional payments at a future date;
  3. implementation of the processing of bond sale trades.

KDPW_CCP is planning to implement additional improvements of existing functions within the implementation window.
The key improvements from the perspective of Participants include the following:
  1. messages N.1 for trades closed in an auction will include a reference to the auction in the reason field, e.g.: Auction ID: 00002;
  2. following the modifications described in (1), the counterparty requesting termination will no longer receive the message A.6;
  3. internalDealId in the message N.1 for porting will be displayed twice, the same as in other uses of the message N.1;
  4. error codes will be added to the AuctionError message;
  5. communication between KDPW_CCP and Markit will be improved.

The timeline of the implementation of the new software release
  • 21 March 2016: implementation of the modifications in the TSTB environment;
  • 4 August 2016: implementation of the modifications in the TSTA environment;
  • 2 October 2016: implementation of the modifications in the production environment.
Please note that the xsd schemas of messages for participants will be modified as a result of the above changes.

Short name Message name Message description Pdf Xsd Example
otcd.ntf.001.01 OTC notification
A.2 auctionDetail      
A.1 auctionNotification    
A.6 auctionResult    
A.5 auctionTimeout    
E.3 automaticTerminationSummary    
N.2 clearingMemberStatus    
Z.1 externalReport    
T.2 onDemandTerminationResponse    
T.3 onDemandTerminationResult    
N.1 participantNotification              
E.1 positionBalanceSettlements    
otcd.rqi.001.01 OTC instruction
U.1 accountMaintenanceRequest    
A.3 auctionQuoteRequest    
Z.2 executeReportRequest    
W.1 hypotheticalPortfolioRequest    
T.4 onDemandTerminationAcceptance    
T.1 onDemandTerminationRequest    
otcd.rsi.001.01 OTC instruction status
U.2 accountMaintenanceResponse    
A.4 auctionError      
Z.3 externalReport    
T.2 onDemandTerminationResponse      
N.1 participantNotification