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Electronic communication with the kdpw_otc system

Electronic communication between the kdpw_otc system and participants supporting the exchange of declarations and information prepared in electronic form (in a specific format or specific structure) is organised and provided by KDPW.

Communication with participants is supported by separate Information Exchange Systems (SWI) which comprise three electronic communication channels with different functionalities. A description of the communication channels and the rules of using the channels are available at

Selecting the kdpw_otc electronic communication channel
Participants decide about the mode of exchanging messages between their IT solutions and kdpw_otc on the basis of KDPW’s documentation and the participants’ own requirements.

The following electronic communication channels are available:
  • ESDK: The Electronic System for the Distribution of Messages dedicated to automatic exchange of XML messages with kdpw_otc more
  • ESDI/WEB: Electronic Information Distribution System dedicated to manual exchange of XML messages with automation mechanisms more

Participants who currently use electronic communication channels to communicate with kdpw_stream should sign Annex 2 to the SWI Agreement for the purposes of communication with kdpw_otc. Those kdpw_otc users who are neither KDPW participants nor KDPW_CCP participants should sign the SWI Agreement.
Execution of the SWI Agreement is tantamount to receipt of electronic certificates from KDPW used to sign transmitted messages with electronic signatures. The templates of the SWI system documents are available under the tab