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Testing interaction with the kdpw_otc system

Prior to starting interaction with the kdpw_otc system, partners are encourage to test the configuration of their IT solutions in the available test environment.
How to get access to the test environment?
  • send a request by e-mail to;
  • You will receive a response reporting test readiness and containing all other information necessary to start the test.

Testing can be performed during the test clearing day according to the time schedule.
The recommended test set can also be used.
To get support in testing, contact us at:

Support in testing offered by KDPW_CCP to participants includes:
  • preparing a start-up package in the database (member configuration, margins, contributions to the OTC fund);
  • animation of transactions confirmed on confirmation platforms as well as repos;
  • processing the posting/release of collateral in cash and securities;
  • organising auctions.

The test environment TSTA is supplied with production data as of 1 June 2016.

Copying data to the test environment TST A
The databases are copied from the production environment (PRD) to the test environment TST A once per month, as at the last business day of the month.
Transactions:      production OTC transactions are copied;
Member databases:      production OTC clearing members are copied;
Account databases:      clearing accounts and collateral accounts are copied from the production system;
Collateral:      production collateral broken down by margin and the OTC fund is copied.