GUI application - KDPW_CCP

GUI application

Web application (GUI) is dedicated for KDPW_CCP Clearing Members and it helps them view basic details of the securities/derivative instruments clearing transactions.

Currently available:

  • Clearing accounts and their attributes, including client classification numbers (NKK);
  • Clearing positions for securities and derivative instruments;
  • Transaction limits for transactions on the regulated market and ATS;
  • Information on the clearing of OTC netting sessions;
  • Information on collateral posted with KDPW_CCP and expected benefits from the collateral;
  • Submission of offers under buy-in procedures;
  • Submission of offers for repo transactions as part of clearing member default procedures.

The application is available to users who open their access account using a single sign-on access engine in KDPW. In order to get access to the KDPW_CCP service within the GUI application, it is necessary to accept the terms and conditions of access and consent to the processing of personal data, and to fill in a form in the application to support access account management and to confirm their authorisation to act on behalf of their clearing members. If a KDPW_CCP participant wishing to get access to KDPW_CCP services is also a KDPW participant and he/she already has an access account in KDPW web application within the single sign-on access environment he/she will only need to do the above.

For KDPW_CCP participants, opening the “KDPW_CCP Core Services” profile opens access to basic information on securities and derivatives clearing.

Access to the GUI application