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About the service

KDPW_CCP offers the service of sending transaction reports to the trade repository (KDPW_TR), for entities subject to the reporting obligation according to the applicable legal provisions, immediately upon the clearing of transactions.

How to use the service
Requirements for KDPW_CCP clearing members who delegate to KDPW_CCP the reporting of transactions to KDPW_TR: 
  • submit a declaration concerning the delegation of reporting (template no. 24 for organised trading, template no 12 for non-organised trading);
  • properly identify own/client accounts in the clearing system databases.

If a participant delegates to KDPW_CCP reporting of transactions to a trade repository for clearing accounts indicated by the participant, such accounts shall be defined by the participant by means of the client classification number (NKK) only for one client of the participant.

On written request of a clearing member (template no. 27 for organised trading, template no. 25 for non-organised trading), KDPW_CCP shall, at the end of each quarter, provide a declaration of performance, according to the applicable legal provisions, of the obligation of reporting transactions to a trade repository for the transactions indicated by the member in the request.

Ordering KDPW_CCP to report to KDPW_TR does not require a clearing member to be a participant of the trade repository operated by KDPW or have a system connection with KDPW_TR: it is sufficient to properly configure accounts in the clearing account database by means of the relevant XML messages. The structure of the messages has been expanded to enable KDPW_CCP to report transactions (for a detailed description of the messages, visit the IT-Tools tab.

Trade Repository Rules

Handbook - KDPW_CCP Reporting of ETD to the KDPW_TR

    LEI (Legal Entity Identifier)
    LEIs are used to identify counterparties in the process of reporting of trades in derivatives to a trade repository. LEI is a 20-character alphanumeric globally unique legal entity identifier issued by numbering agencies accredited by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation. KDPW is the only Polish authorised issuer of LEIs.
    For detailed information about the procedure of acquiring the LEI, visit the KDPW website, tab KDPW_LEI.